A Total Cop Out – Summer Jams

We are super excited to start performing our new show in the Adelaide Fringe this year! Jams for ‘A Total Cop Out’ have been going well, even though most of them have been done in our bathers. We have either been doing the whole jam in a paddle pool, or discussing the format in a full depth pool and then dripping all over the decking while we slip and slide our way through solving a hideous crime with the help of an unrelated expert. Strangely, all of the characters so far seem to walk like they are wearing wet shorts…?

To any other improvisers out there reading this, I recommend doing the occasional jam in a paddle pool. It is so exciting being able to do fight scenes were you can actually fall back realistically and land in the water without fear of breaking a wrist/shoulder/spine. Is this the future of improv? Should all shows be performed over water to make falling look more realistic? Are bathers an appropriate dress code for performers??? Probably not…

We are still having those wonderfully passionate arguments at the end of each jam over the exact format this show is going to take. We have been jamming multiple variations to ensure what we bring to the Fringe is our best possible show. Despite improv all being made up on the night of the show, getting the format of the show right to ensure we have a smooth running show that inspires great storylines requires a lot of work. We spend a lot of time trying random things and then analysing them for suitability, brainstorming ways to expand on what is working well, and culling out elements that are just distracting or convoluted. Luckily we all enjoy jamming, especially when it involves swimming and Uber Eats!

Stay cool (from the heat, I am sure there is no question of your popularity!)

C xx

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